2017 Report of International Home Buyers in Florida

Bryan Rogers 13/11/2017

According to the National Association of Realtors® newly released 2017 Profile of International Real Estate Activity in Florida, the state saw a $4.8 billion increase in foreign purchases from 2016.

2017 highlights of foreign transactions

  • Florida remained the #1 destination for foreign purchases at 22%
  • 21% of residential dollar volume in Florida were foreign transactions
  • 61k properties in Florida were were bought by foreigners, up from 47k in 2016
  • Latin America and the Caribbean were the largest portion at 34%, Canada was 22% with Europe holding steady at 23% and Asian buyers at 10%
  • All-cash purchase made up 72% of all foreign purchases
  • 75% percent of foreign buyers intend to use their new property as a vacation home, rental or both.



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