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Buying a property abroad can seem an overwhelming task.  Where do you start? That’s why choosing a property agent with the specific expertise and professional network are of utmost importance. Any agent can sell you a property but only a handful are truly able to guide you from property search to completion with the kind of care you deserve. Our team’s #1 goal is protection of your investment. That starts with finding the right property in the right development and getting the best advice possible from property managers, decorators and tax professionals. See why many of our past or current clients are willing to pick up the phone and discuss our level of service with you at your request.

About our Broker, Bryan Rogers – Bryan Rogers has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida since 1998. After working for an International Real Estate firm where he gained extensive knowledge and expertise with International buyers and sellers of Florida properties he became a licensed broker in 2005 and founded Holiday Realty LLC.

Prior to living in Central Florida for the last 25 years Bryan resided in Smithonia Georgia on the site of what was once the southern United States’ largest diversified farm. Steeped in history the 100 year old town of Smithonia, with it’s private railroad and historic buildings, had almost become forgotten. That was until Bryan’s uncle, the legendary singer/entertainer Kenny Rogers decided to invest in rehabbing the site as well as developing Beaver Dam Farms. Bryan saw first hand his uncle’s vision turn from pastures to an 18 hole private golf course and residence then mega luxury retreat.

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About Bryan Rogers – Bryan Rogers has been a licensed real estate agent in Florida...
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